You have an amazing Business.

Is Anyone Seeing It?

We Help Businesses & Customers



We help businesses connect with their customers, and vice versa.

From designing high-quality print materials and websites that actually convert, to organizing digital marketing campaigns and ad strategies, our goal is to help businesses find the customers they need and help customers find the products and services they want.

Not A One-Size-Fits-All


Custom Design

Marketing your business with ineffective or poorly though-out designs can be a lot like attending a dinner party in your pajamas - people will notice, and not in a good way. We create marketing solutions that leave a good impression.

Custom Strategies

Through direct discovery with you and independent research, we gather relevant business intelligence about your company and competitors. We study your market and your target demographics. We forge these into a focused & effective strategy to reach your goals.

Custom Content

We employ social media & website content, blogging, press releases, concise product descriptions, accessible training materials to keep your customers engaged with you. We streamline your company’s communications and improve your audience's understanding of your business.

Be Seen.

So you own a business and you have a great product or service that you know people want. You’ve leased a space, invested in your infrastructure, recruited and trained staff, and you have a few regular customers already. Not enough though. The people who know your business love it, but most of the consumers in your city have never heard of you.

For most businesses attracting and maintaining customers can be a real struggle. This is why the US Small Business Administration recommends small businesses grossing under $5M annually invest 5-12% of their monthly gross in marketing.
At the end of the day your company could be the best at what it does, but if no one knows they can never experience that.
M45 offers every marketing service most businesses need.